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Caring Gene® Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs include everything you need to know about jobs and training in the care industry. Search for opportunities and begin your career in healthcare.

Patient and Caregiver with glasses on

A career that pays in so many ways.

We call it the Caring Gene®. If you do have it, you’re in good company. But maybe, like so many others out there, you don’t always have the opportunity to use it. If you think you’ve got it, you have the opportunity of a lifetime: a career in the caring industry. You don’t need experience…

caregiver dancing

Caregiving Perks That Will Make You Dance

They all have the Caring Gene®—the innate desire to care for others. It’s an undeniable instinct that’s the driving force in doing a job you love … and that loves you back. Wait, wait, wait. I can find a job that fills my cup and loves me back?! Oh, you came to the right place.…