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Support Positions

Long Term Care Providers Need Support Staff

Support Positions

Long Term Care Providers Need Support Staff

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In a support position, you play a vital role in the quality of care in long term care facilities and home care agencies. These positions offer the opportunity to impact the lives of vulnerable people by assuring a healthy environment and good nutrition or by providing support to direct caregivers and families.

Depending on your position, employer and the region of New York in which you work, you can expect a competitive starting salary, which may include benefits such as paid time off, medical and dental coverage, and a 401(k).

The following are brief descriptions of needed support positions in long term care:

Food Service

Food Service Worker

Responsible for basic food preparation and tray line setup and service. Ensures all individual food portions are accurate and monitors portion control; provides all necessary equipment, utensils and paper supplies on trays. Cleans and sanitizes service areas and equipment. Follows departmental operating procedures for recipes, menus, quality and safe food handling guidelines.


Prepares and serves food including texture modified and therapeutic diets according to the facility menu. Prepares food in accordance with current applicable federal, state and local standards, guidelines and regulations, in line with established policies and procedures and as may be directed by a Dining Services Director or Chef, to ensure that quality food service is provided at all times. The Cook also assists in assuring proper receiving, storage, preparation, serving, sanitation and cleaning procedures are followed.

Director of Food Service

Oversees day-to-day activities and personnel within their service area. Coordinates overall adherence to sanitation regulations/practices of food services. Sets up and maintains kitchen operations and menus, including preparing and delivering meals. Recruits, hires, trains, supervises and develops food service staff. Purchases all food, food service supplies and equipment, and accounts for and tracks expenses.

Environmental Services


Performs day-to-day housekeeping and maintains the building and equipment in accordance with federal, state and local standards, guidelines and regulation governing the facility, to assure that facility is maintained in a clean, safe, comfortable and attractive manner. Coordinates daily housekeeping services with other departments when performing routine cleaning assignments in resident living and/or recreational areas.

Maintenance Worker

Responsible for maintaining, servicing and operating all facility buildings and grounds to assist in maintaining their overall working condition and appearance while maintaining a safe environment. Jobs also include winter snow and ice removal, summer lawn mowing and landscape bed weeding, daily grounds pickup of litter and emptying of trash cans, small construction projects, and assisting in moving office furniture and files.

Home Care Support


Coordinates placement of services between clients and the paraprofessional staff. Maintains and documents communication with paraprofessionals and with clients. Maintains a schedule of all services per month. Maintains patient confidentiality and privacy. Communicates with the paraprofessionals regarding scheduling, availability, attendance and assignments. Answers telephone, records and relays messages to appropriate personnel.


Long term care organizations utilize many administrative positions that are critical to caregiving. These include clerical, billing, bookkeeping, purchasing and payroll. These positions require knowledge or experience with computer systems, healthcare billing, basic bookkeeping or payroll systems.

Social Work

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living facilities are required to maintain social work capabilities in order to support their residents and families.  They provide assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, and supportive care to preserve and enhance social functioning.  There are educational and licensing requirements for Social Workers by New York State.

Director of Social Work

Directs, establishes and plans the overall policies and goals for the Social Services Department. Responsible for assessments, care planning and helping residents adjust to their new surroundings.  Is familiar with a variety of the field’s concepts, practices and procedures. Leads and directs the work of the other Social Workers.

Social Worker

Responsible for the psychosocial assessment, planning, implementation, monitoring and support of patients through the continuum of care. Uses appropriate utilization of resources and maintains compliance to provide effective and positive patient outcomes

Intake Coordinator / Admissions

Admits patients to healthcare programs and facilities by maintaining admission guidelines, marketing programs, obtaining applicant information, screening applicants for services, completing admissions process, and resolving patient dissatisfactions.


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